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GE Logiq™ S8 Ultrasound system with B-Flow Imaging is available for rent and sale from US Med-Equip.

The B-Flow* is a blood flow visualization technique that displays the blood flow echoes in gray scale imaging, with different gray intensities according to the reflectors speed and dynamics. Based on the GE-patented Digitally Encoded Ultrasound technique to digitally suppress unwanted signals (e.g. noise and tissue) and boost weak signals (e.g. blood echoes), B-Flow overcomes the limitations of Doppler with the following imaging advantages:

• Direct hemodynamics visualization

• No vessel wall overlap (no overlay technique)

• Less dependency on the user or scanning angle

• Higher frame rate and spatial resolution than Color Flow

B-Flow Color

While B-Flow passes through the Color Processing channel (with exception of the Color Doppler Process), B-Flow Color can be displayed within a selected ROI with the following additional benefits:

• Easy display of small vessels

• Simultaneous B-Mode and B-Flow Color visualization

• Separate settings from B-Mode • Less tissue motion artifacts B-Flow and B-Flow Color features

• Dual or single Display

• ON/OFF tissue background information and B-Flow

• B-Flow or B-Flow Color selection

• Accumulation Mode, adding multiple frames

• Working with PW for flow quantification

• Easy 3D B-Flow imaging

B-Flow may help visualize

• Vessel-wall irregularities

• Stenosis with measurement

• Carotid plaque for vulnerability study (e.g. ulceration)

• Interaction of blood flow with anatomical structures inside the vessel such as venous valve cusps and thrombi

• Grafts for monitoring (e.g dialysis graft pseudoaneurysms)

• Thyroid nodule activity for assessment and monitoring

• Kidney perfusion (e.g. after transplants)

• Vascular disease after transfemoral catheterization (e.g. Aneurysm spurium, AV Fistula, Dissections, Hematomas, etc.)

• Liver and spleen vasculature

• Bladder reflux or jets

• Neonatal head vessels

• Cardiac Septal Defects (e.g. PFO, VSD, ASD, etc.)

• Endocardial walls in difficult to image patients

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