Hospira LifeCare PCA With MedNet Infusion System

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Hospira LifeCare PCA with MedNet Infusion System – Designed specifically to help prevent medication errors that commonly arise in patient-controlled analgesia, the LifeCare PCA pump features an integrated bar code reader and other features to enhance safe delivery.

This PCS infusion system is upgraded wtih the MedNet software, which include the following features:

  • Mandatory drug library compliance with the addition of Hospira MedNet safety software
  • Customized drug libraries for up to 18 clinical care areas
  • Up to 25 medications per clinical care area
  • Hard and soft limits for each medication

Product Features

  • Promote Safe Delivery

    • Integrated bar code reader confirms drug and concentration
    • Pre-filled, bar-coded medication vials with colored labels or custom-filled vials with pharmacy-generated bar codes
    • Confirmation screens to add an extra level of safety
  • Enhance Workflow Efficiency

    • Robust wireless capabilities enable remote drug library updates
    • Easy-to-read key pad
    • Dedicated device and unique design – the LifeCare PCA is intentionally designed to stand out from general infusion devices to help reduce the risk of user confusion and line mix-ups
  • Secure Delivery
    • Key driven locking system adds security on several levels
    • Pole clamp locks to IV pole
    • Medication door lock
    • Programming lock-out


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