Mindray TE7 Max Ultrasound System


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The TE7 Max Ultrasound System is designed to maximize your capabilities in demanding Point of Care environments. With its thoughtful industrial design and best-in-class image quality, the TE7 Max provides a superior user experience during rapid clinical assessments and procedures taking place at the patient’s bedside or on the go.


  • Enables rapid assessment of lung tissue by automatically calculating number and area percentage of B-Lines according to user-selected protocols
  • Automated Velocity Time Integral (VTI) and Cardiac Output (CO) measurements enable rapid cardiac function assessment
  • Automated measurement of Inferior Vena Cava (IVC) helps assess volume status and guides fluid management
  • Automated fetal heart rate calculation utilizing B-mode echo data
  • Automated measurement of bladder volume to determine pre and post void measurements
  • Proprietary technology to analyze 2D echo data to automatically calculate EDV/ESV/EF for left ventricle function evaluation
  • eSpacial Navi software provides 4D magnetic needle navigation that delivers enhanced needle visualization and location information during in-plane and out-of-plane procedures
  • Second-generation iNeedle+ technology automatically detects needle angles and improves visibility on both linear and convex transducers during interventional procedures
  • 21.5″ LED monitor with high-resolution display
  • Elevated transducer mounting
  • Dedicated disinfectant holder
  • Retractable cord to reduce tripping hazards and contamination

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